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The MVB StartupScript

Step Up Your Game with Just 2 Hours of your Time

When you’re early stage, it’s tempting to believe “if you build it, they will come.” But it’s not enough to have a superior product; to attract investors, customers, and talent, you need to stand out in the marketplace of ideas.

Fortunately, our MVB StartupScript offers you the benefit of decades of marketing expertise honed at tech startups like, ReleaseIQ (acquired), OrderGuru (acquired), ClearMetal (acquired), Elementum ($100M+ raised), and HeartFlow ($250M+ raised) in a high-value, low-commitment project.

Rob Facilitating

Redefine the Playing Field

The MVB interview forces you to engage with your own story on equal terms with your competitors’. Is your message distinct enough to break-through the noise in the market place? Is it memorable enough for others to champion you during sales cycles or VC partner conversations? With our lighthearted facilitation style, confronting your challenges has never been more fun!

Dan Facilitating

Play to Your Strengths

After the interview, it’s our turn, mixing your insights with our analysis of the competitive landscape to develop a positioning brief for your business that:

  • Maps out where you stand in the context of the industry conversations
  • Identifies the best opportunities to ensure your startup stands apart from all the alternatives

Based on our time-tested process that combines structured analysis and creative ideation, we commit to delivering your MVB StartupScript within 48 hours of our interview!

Offering includes the deep-dive interview and a written brief that identifies your best competitive messaging and brand positioning opportunities, with a clear plan to move forward

$2,000 $950*

* Introductory offer for new clients. This cost will also get applied to any MVB development projects moving forward.

Frequently Asked Questions

Avanish Sahai Headshot“Founders can easily communicate the value proposition because they’re living it 24×7; but the trick is to convert into a simple and repeatable positioning for their teams, their investors, their partners etc. Not easy but so worthwhile.” — Avanish Sahai, Board Member, HubSpot; Co-Founder & Investor, CareVault

Clayton Costa Headshot“One thing we founders do constantly is sell (to prospects, investors, and talent). Anything that simplifies and speeds up this process will have a compound effect on the company. Approaching branding in a lightweight, agile manner, iterating over the process as we learn more about our ICP and target audience, is a wise strategy.” — Clayton Costa, Founder, LucentOps

Susane Berger Headshot“When the only person who can tell the story in the start up is the CEO, it’s either too complex or a message in search of an audience. Simple, clear, specific and repeatable are the words that create action by the audience to not only learn more but vote with their wallets. When your sales and product teams can speak with confidence, you amplify your value and messages. BHM nailed this.” — Susane Berger, Advisor and Board Member

Sanjeev Somani Headshot“I couldn’t agree more on the need for messaging/positioning agility. I often recommend testing your messaging with target buyers using cold outreach even before building the MVP. ” — Sanjeev Somani, CEO @ Tribyl

Minh Chau Headshot“BHM really understands what captures attention and drives customer engagement. They should be the go-to team for any startup founder.” — Minh Chau, CEO and Founder


Adam Compain Headshot“BHM helped us articulate our core differentiation to stand out from all the voices that sound the same in the market. Our story is unique and compelling.” — Adam Compain, Founder, Investor, Advisor


Chrissy Dal Porto Headshot

“BHM brings deep analysis and insight to every marketing project, big or small…and the results speak for themselves.” — Chrissy Dal Porto, Chief Marketing Officer


“BHM are experts in distilling and crafting messaging: simple, provocative, and spot on. Every time. You won’t find a team that can listen, position and deliver your message better. Their uncanny ability to take the complex and simplify the message into what the market wants is second to none.” — Kent Ledgerwood, SVP Value Engineering

Andrew Davis Headshot

“I was impressed with BHM’s creative and thoughtful approach at every step. They asked deep questions, considered them carefully, and generated (among other things) some of the most amazing messaging I could have imagined. It’s great to see them scaling out this offering to help other startups to set themselves apart.” — Andrew Davis, Chief Product Officer

Rosie Pongracz Headshot“Great positioning from one of the top marketers I’ve worked with.” — Rosie Pongracz, Chief Marketing Officer

Andrew Leigh Headshot

“I challenged BHM to come up with a narrative that was both inspiring and down-to-earth enough to convince skeptical developers. And they NAILED it.” — Andrew Leigh, Global CMO and GTM Exec

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