The Anatomy of a Good Core Narrative

  • Stays true to your strategy — It’s not just what you say; it’s how the market reacts to your decisions.
  • Takes a stand — Your position determines if you’re above the noise or part of it.
  • Inspires action — Give prospects a reason to care and employees a reason to believe.
  • Survives retelling — Make it easy for others to “get it.”

How We Help You Get There

Diagnose your current state in relation to the market conversations
Assessment Diagram
Synthesize and prioritize competing messages
Message Hierarchy Diagram
Craft the right core narrative to amplify your marketing and fundraising efforts
Core Narrative Alignment Diagram

Examples of Our Work

Crafting a core narrative involves sensitive information and insights that we can share privately. Owning the narrative entails creating public assets, which we’re happy to share publicly. Here are some fun examples:

Copado \\ Build On

Dyson \\ Innovation is in our DNA

Tesla \\ Speed Wins

Elementum \\ The Makers of the World Build the Future

VMWare \\ THE Solution For Today’s Complex Enterprise

VMforce \\ The Best of Both Worlds for Java Developers

Starbucks \\ Digitizing the Operational Engine

Elementum \\ Because Things Never Go According to Plan