What is a Narrative, Anyway?

A core narrative is a compelling story that puts your company strategy into action. In the same way that a CEO hammers out her strategy to own the market, she needs to articulate the story that will engage the market: attract talent, interest customers, and compel investors.

Without a strong core narrative, your teams lack a north star, subjecting them to decisions based on fear: product roadmaps driven solely by customer complaints, websites written just to hit every SEO keyword, sales teams wasting all their time responding to every RFP under the sun. Fear comes from lack of focus. Focus comes from clarity. And clarity comes from a compelling core narrative.

What Does Big Hat Do?

Big Hat’s founders have over 50 years of combined marketing experience helping executives articulate their core narrative. We specialize in diagnosing your current state in relation to the market conversations, prioritizing competing messages, and guiding your executive team to make the key decisions needed to craft the right core narrative. Learn more about what it takes to craft a great narrative.

Who Are We?

Tal Porat Waters

Role: Messaging Strategy, Content Marketing

Favorite part of the creative process: That elusive moment a V1 goes from being sh*t to something worth sharing.

Coolest accomplishment: Not being booed off stage at a stand up comedy competition.

Why BHM: I’m inspired by the human ability to communicate and love spending my days crafting messages that speak to the hearts of audiences.

When in doubt: Ask Rob.

Words to live by: Parking is easy when you use your bumper.

Rob Cheng

Role: Go-to-market Strategy, Product Marketing

Favorite part of the creative process: When the right idea reveals itself so organically that no one knows who came up with it.

Coolest accomplishment: Herding a bunch of 3rd graders to the basketball league finals.

Why BHM: I prefer living vicariously through the achievements of others.

When in doubt: Blame Tal.

Words to live by: Challenge failure.

Dan Jumanan

Role: Brand Strategy, Creative Direction

Favorite part of the creative process: Does the invoice count?

Coolest accomplishment:
When Jim Belushi liked my drawing of Bill Murray on Instagram.

Why BHM: Culture > Comfort

When in doubt: Subtract to complete.

Words to live by: The ignorance is just as dangerous as the intelligence.